Outside General Counsel & Litigation Avoidance

Experienced Legal Guidance for Small and Midsize California Businesses

All businesses can benefit from having knowledgeable, dedicated legal counsel readily available. However, hiring an in house attorney does not always fit into a realistic business model. A company simply may not have enough legal requirements to justify hiring a full-time lawyer or may not have the financial resources for such a large expenditure.

Drawing on more than two decades of experience, CL Ludmer, A Law Corporation acts as general counsel for small or mid-size businesses in California. Chris previously was partner of a large business law firm that provided full-service general counsel representation. He chose to found his firm to deliver high-level, individualized services to his clients. This allows him to understand the particulars of each client’s business and to make the best decisions possible in a timely manner. He provides exactly the services the client needs so the client does not pay unnecessary expenses and he structures his fees to accommodate each client’s specific budget and requirements.

Why Retain General Counsel

Large companies often have an in house general counsel that is available to respond quickly to disputes and to take actions to avoid adverse issues in the first place. Especially in today’s fast paced environment, a company of any size cannot afford to drag its feet when responding to problems. A delay may escalate a dispute or give the competition the opportunity to gain an edge.

Chris is available as general counsel to small and midsize companies to take prompt, effective action. This may include filing an emergency motion for an injunction to stop further damage related to trade secret misappropriation, intellectual property infringement, breach of contract or fraud. He is also in a position to defuse disputes before they require litigation.

Chris knows his clients’ businesses inside and out. Because he is already familiar with the unique aspects and personal goals of each client, he can put an individually tailored plan in place immediately in response to a problem. He is also able to anticipate circumstances that could create challenges and to recommend the appropriate course of action.

General Counsel Services

CL Ludmer offers the full range of in house counsel services and can create the right package to meet each client’s needs. General counsel services include contract review, employment policy analysis, risk management and litigation support. The firm is nimble enough to adapt quickly to a client’s changing needs and objectives.

Avoiding Litigation

As a litigation attorney, Chris recognizes the value of avoiding disputes. Disputes cost money and time and can damage business relationships and reputation. In his role as outside general counsel, Chris regularly assesses the policies, processes and contracts for holes that present opportunity for disruptive disputes.

Consult with an Experienced General Counsel

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