Military Justice

Protecting the Rights of Active Duty Military Service Members

Chris Ludmer is proud to have served his country in the U.S. Navy. He is honored to devote his experience as a U.S. Navy JAG Corps attorney to protecting the rights of active duty military service members in the military and civilian justice systems. Chris represents active duty military personnel who are subject to court martial proceedings and who are under military criminal investigation. He arranges payment plans for active duty service members of limited means and often takes cases on a pro bono or reduced fee basis.

A Record of Dedicated Military Service

Chris started his law career as a U.S. Navy JAG Corps attorney, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Commander. As supervising prosecutor and senior trial counsel for the U.S. Navy Trial Service Office Southeast, he was in charge of all trials in the region, ranging from South Carolina to Texas and the Caribbean and Central and South America. He was appointed from a pool of 400 lawyers to serve as the principal assistant at the Pentagon to the Navy’s senior uniformed lawyer and legal advisor to the Secretary of the Navy. He defended the Department of the Navy in civil lawsuits as civil litigation team leader in the District of Columbia. In addition, he acted a special Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia.

An Advocate for Active Duty Service Members

Military service members have many of the same rights at civilians, including the right to remain silent and to be represented by an attorney. However, there are many aspects of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Manual for Courts-Martial that are unique to the military justice system. Having served in the military justice system for much of his career, Chris has an in-depth understanding of the complex rules that govern military court martial and investigations.

The military appoints an attorney to represent a service member charged with an offense. The defendant is permitted to also retain a civilian attorney to work with the appointed attorney. The military and civilian attorneys act as an experienced defense team dedicated to the case.

Military attorneys often carry a heavy caseload, whereas Chris is selective about the cases he takes so he can give personal attention to every case. In addition, Chris has wider latitude with his approach because he is not bound by chain of command and other restraints imposed upon military lawyers.

Chris understands what is at stake. The service member’s personal freedom and her or his entire military career often hang in the balance. Chris is an unyielding advocate for the women and men who have dedicated their lives to protecting our country.

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