Practice Areas

Representation in Complex Litigation

CL Ludmer, A Law Corporation is a San Diego-based litigation law firm that represents businesses and individuals throughout California.  Chris Ludmer has more than 20 years of trial experience and has tried more than 70 cases to jury verdict.  He has dedicated his career to trial practice, first as a JAG Corps lawyer for the U.S. Navy and then as special Assistant U.S. Attorney.  He continues to devote his skills to strategizing effective, cost-efficient dispute resolutions that meet his clients’ unique goals.

Business Litigation

The firm represents businesses and individuals in claims involving contracts, commercial fraud and trade secret misappropriation from both the plaintiff and defense perspectives. Chris’s trial experience gives him an edge in negotiating settlements. Opposing counsel recognize his willingness and ability to take cases before the jury and judge rather than to settle for less than his client deserves. He also offers litigation avoidance services in which he consults on creating solid contracts and policies that withstand potential breach and help his clients avoid litigation entirely or be poised to win it if and when it arises.

Employment Litigation

Chris handles employment claims involving misclassification, discrimination, wrongful termination and employment contracts.  He represents plaintiffs in individual and class action complaints against their employers.  He also defends employers against wrongful accusations made by current or former employees. 

Outside General Counsel & Litigation Avoidance

Many small and medium sized companies do not require a fulltime in-house counsel. However, they can benefit from having ready access to an attorney who knows the business inside and out and who can deliver high-level responsiveness to urgent issues.  Chris takes a role similar to an inside counsel by remaining on-call whenever needed.  Businesses of all sizes utilize Chris in this role, taking advantage of his advice in a way that won’t break the bank and for which they can accurately budget thanks to his creative and tailored fee structures.

Having spent more than 20 years as a trial attorney, Chris understands how to avoid disputes in the first place, or to position clients to win disputes when they arise.  He views company policies, contracts and legal documents through the eyes of a litigator and advises clients on effective litigation avoidance tactics and creative business solutions.

Trial Counsel & Strategic Litigation Assistance

Attorneys who specialize in various areas may rarely litigate cases or have to persuade a real jury when everything is on the line.  They may be experts in their fields, but not be up-to-date on trial procedure, the rules of evidence, how to present a case to a jury or may simply not enjoy courtroom theatrics. Chris often receives referrals from attorneys to resolve issues that require the service of a trial lawyer. He is also often asked to sit as lead or second chair at trial for cases that cannot settle, or is available to work behind the scenes to prepare cases, and other attorneys, for trial.   Indeed, Chris’s behind the scenes litigation “consulting” has helped numerous other attorneys and law firms settle cases that seemed impossible to resolve, or win the desired verdict at trial. 

Military Justice

Chris is a former U.S. Navy JAG Corps attorney who was promoted to supervising prosecutor and senior trial counsel for the U.S. Navy Trial Service Office Southeast. He also served as principal assistant at the Pentagon to the Navy’s senior uniformed lawyer and legal advisor to the Secretary of the Navy.

He now often represents active duty service members who are the target of military criminal investigations or who are involved in court martial proceedings. He protects the rights of active duty military personnel in the military and civilian courts, often on a pro bono or reduced fee basis. 

Consult with a Knowledgeable Trial Lawyer

Schedule a case assessment with Chris Ludmer to learn more about pursuing your legal remedies through mediation and trial, or, if you’re an attorney, to help position you and your case to win.

Consult with an Experienced Trial Lawyer

Schedule a case consultation with attorney Chris Ludmer to learn more about the legal remedies available to you or your business, or to help you navigate the legal landscape and achieve your goals.

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