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CL Ludmer, A Law Corporation is a California-based business litigation law firm focused on dispute resolution and avoidance, and winning those fights that have to be fought. During his more than 20 years in practice, Chris Ludmer has tried more than 70 cases to jury verdict and has reached successful settlements in hundreds of other cases. His former role as a Navy JAG Corps lawyer is reflected in his high level of discipline, organization and commitment to his clients.

Chris handles complex claims involving breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties, partnership disputes, commercial fraud and trade secret misappropriation from the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s perspective. He is thus able to anticipate the opposing counsel’s actions and objectives when representing the plaintiff or the defendant in a given case. Because of his reputation as a strong trial lawyer, opposing counsel often refer clients to him in future cases.

Contract Disputes

Contractual disputes can cost businesses considerable money, time and reputation and quickly deplete valuable resources. Depending upon the individual case, a party might seek specific performance, estoppel, a monetary award, litigation costs or other form of legal relief.

One of Chris’ greatest strengths is recognizing when to aggressively pursue litigation and when to strategically negotiate a resolution. Chris considers the client’s goals, budgetary considerations and the remedies available. He discusses the pitfalls and advantages of trial and settlement with each client and recommends the most suitable course of action.

To businesses large and small, the contract is the backbone of a business transaction, and often the lifeblood of a company. A well-drafted contract clearly describes the terms of the agreement and protects the rights of the parties. A missing or vague provision leaves the door open to disputes or provides for unsatisfactory relief for a breach. Chris reviews his clients’ contracts through the eyes of a trial lawyer. He considers the full range of possibilities based upon his substantial litigation experience and drafts provisions that help avoid litigation in the first place and ensure that effective resolutions and remedies are available to his clients.

Commercial Fraud

Commercial fraud encompasses a wide spectrum of conduct that can damage a business’s good will or harm its financial outlook. Internal fraud includes illicit actions by partners and employees, such as misappropriation, money laundering, embezzlement and certain breaches in fiduciary duties. High-level fraud includes Ponzi schemes, misrepresentation, investment fraud and counterfeiting.

Chris advocates for civil remedies that make his clients whole after being the target of fraud. He seeks restitution for stolen funds, lost profits and future losses associated with scuttled business deals, diminished customer trust, loyalty and product confusion.

Trade Secret Misappropriation

A company’s trade secrets are vital to its competitiveness in the market, such as unique designs, methods, strategies, ingredients, manufacturing processes, data and client lists. Trade secrets are often misappropriated by current and former employees, partners and executives who had access to the information and attempt to unfairly compete or profit. Chris acts decisively to stop further damage caused by continued use or exposure of the protected information and then pursues all available relief and damages.

Chris also helps companies institute safeguards against trade secret misappropriation. After assessing his client’s policies and processes, he recommends contracts, employee protocol and systems that, first, establish the crucial information’s status as a trade secret and, second, help protect it from misappropriation.

Consult with an Experienced Business Trial Lawyer

Schedule a case consultation with attorney Chris Ludmer to learn more about the legal remedies available to your business through litigation and alternative dispute resolution methods and to avoid disputes.

Consult with an Experienced Trial Lawyer

Schedule a case consultation with attorney Chris Ludmer to learn more about the legal remedies available to you or your business, or to help you navigate the legal landscape and achieve your goals.

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